Power System Solutions

Power System

Power System Solutions

Power system energy storage is mainly aimed at power peak shaving, auxiliary dynamic operation, system frequency modulation, renewable energy grid connection, and vigorously improve the reliability of power supply.

Peak shaving: Dispatching in response to the power grid to ensure the operation of the power grid

Frequency modulation: Auxiliary power grid for dispatching to realize active power support to ensure power grid operation

Features: High energy density, high control accuracy, positive response
System Features:
● Modular design for easy maintenance
● Independent design of air duct, good heat dissipation environment
● Three-level topology with new IGBT modules, leading high-efficiency conversion technology:
● Support multiple battery input, effectively improve battery cycle life
● High frequency switching, low current ripple and high voltage quality
● Support parallel system for expansion

Application:Power grid peak regulation and frequency regulation, reactive power compensation
High value: Built-in EMS system, reducing customer investment costs

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