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Lithium battery 05


Product Overview

Realize the static and dynamic consistency of the battery, and effectively extend the service life of the battery cell. It can realize remote real-time monitoring of battery pack operation data, and can know the battery operation status at any time without leaving home. Advanced algorithm is adopted to realize high-precision capacity prediction and intelligent management of battery pack by using model and empirical data analysis. The hardware circuit adopts multiple isolation, with strong anti-interference ability and high system safety factor.

Product Details

Lithium battery system configuration
Battery System Description total energy ≈2932kWh
total power 3252Ah
total voltage Rated 901.6V (use range 812-1008V)
How to use the battery system The battery system summarizes three clusters of batteries to charge and discharge the power distribution cabinet in a unified manner, and also includes independent charging pile charging mode
Cell selection and configuration Single cell parameters Rated voltage 3.22V (using window 2.9V~3.6V)
Cell series and parallel configuration Single cell cluster 280 series 1 parallel
Battery system configuration The total number of clusters in the system 12 clusters
Single cell cluster overcurrent capability Continuous current≤200A
Battery pack heating configuration low temperature heating
Battery pack cooling method Natural heat dissipation



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