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Lithium Battery


Product Overview

Realize the static and dynamic consistency of the battery, and effectively extend the service life of the battery cell. It can realize remote real-time monitoring of battery pack operation data, and can know the battery operation status at any time without leaving home. Advanced algorithm is adopted to realize high-precision capacity prediction and intelligent management of battery pack by using model and empirical data analysis. The hardware circuit adopts multiple isolation, with strong anti-interference ability and high system safety factor.

Product Details

Lithium battery system configuration

Battery System Description

total energy

≈280.1 kWh

total power


total voltage

Rated 927.4V (use range 835.2-1036.8V)

How to use the battery system

Battery system A cluster of batteries charges and discharges the power distribution cabinet, and also includes independent charging pile charging mode

Cell selection and configuration

Single cell parameters

Rated voltage 3.22V (using window 2.9V~3.6V)

Cell series and parallel configuration

Single cell cluster 288 in series and 1 in parallel

Battery system configuration

The total number of clusters in the system

1 cluster

Single cell cluster overcurrent capability

Continuous current≤250A

Battery pack heating configuration

low temperature heating

Battery pack cooling method

Natural heat dissipation




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