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Around us, there are more and more green electric vehicles, can we transplant this technology to larger and heavier ships? China's first 500-ton electric transport ship developed by Shanghai enterprises successfully completed its first heavy-load sea trial yesterday. In the future, this zero-emission ship type is expected to replace diesel-powered boats as the main force of inland water transportation and water tourism in the city.

At 10 a.m., in the Nanxiang section of Jiading, Fuzaoba, the blue and white "Ruihua No. 1" was loaded with 300 tons of steel plates and untied the cable and set sail. The people on the surrounding boats ran onto the deck one after another, their eyes full of curiosity. The waterline has been pressed so low, the average ship engine has to gasp, why is there no sound when the ship is driving? The driver of "Ruihua No. 1" Tan Baoyu is very proud, feeling that he is driving "Tesla" on water:

"There are no emissions, the noise is low, acceleration is fast, braking is fast. We reached 15 km when this cargo ship was empty, and now with heavy load, 7 or 8 km is enough. ”

Fully accelerated, flexible turning, the heavy-duty sea trial of "Ruihua No. 1" was a complete success. It is said that this electric boat is different from the tourist boat with lead-acid batteries in the park, and the bottom compartment is equipped with nearly ten tons of lithium iron phosphate batteries, and is equipped with supercapacitors, which is the same type of technology as the double electric bus on the road:

"It's about nine kilometers now. The acceleration is quite fast, and when the supercapacitor comes into play, it has strong explosive power. More flexible than diesel. ”

The "Ruihua No. 1" is modified with a 500-ton inland river transport ship, which can drive 400 kilometers on a full charge, which is more than enough to run a round trip from Shanghai to Huzhou. As a concept vessel, wind and photovoltaic power generation facilities are also installed on it. Shuai Hongyuan, chairman of Ruihua Group, the developer, said that ships of this size are widely used in the Yangtze River Delta region, and often the family eats and lives on board, and after replacing fuel with electricity, the living environment has also been qualitatively improved:

"Living facilities use electricity for cooking and bathing. Rice used to be cooked on a briquette stove. Solar and wind power generation, domestic electricity as much as possible rely on it, major energy storage facilities to increase driving range. ”

Ruihua Group began developing electric vehicles more than a decade ago, and now in Shanghai, they have more than 500 dual-electric buses alone. The transplantation of technology to ships stems from a figure Shuai Hongyuan heard that a 500-ton transport ship burns at least one ton of diesel fuel a day, and its emissions are worth all the buses on a line. After more than two years of research and development, Ruihua's electric boat has applied for an invention patent. Shuai Hongyuan revealed that with the support of the Municipal Transportation Commission, they have formed an innovation alliance with ship design enterprises to develop practical ship types for inland water transportation and tourism:

"Suzhou River Cruise now the two ships have been improved, now do technical demonstration, demonstration, and immediately put into commercial operation, for the future of Suzhou Creek water tourism, water buses can play a key role."

Like electric vehicles, electric ships face a bottleneck in their high cost. In the face of a blank market, government subsidies are currently impossible to talk about. Shuai Hongyuan decided not to wait for the policy, through business model innovation, try it first:

"The bare boat is sold at one time, the battery is leased, the electricity cost is only one-seventh of the fuel cost, and the difference is used for leasing, without increasing the user's penny.


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