ODCC 2017 Open Data Center Summit Held in Beijing


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On August 22, the "2017 Open Data Center Summit" hosted by the Open Data Center Committee (ODCC) and hosted by Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology and Intel was held in Beijing. The conference featured a main forum and four sub-forums, including servers, data centers, test and certification, and networking.


For the future development of China's data center industry, Mei Jie, deputy director of the Information and Communication Development Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, put forward three suggestions in his speech: first, promote the implementation of national policies and strengthen guidance and rational layout; The second is to promote the evolution of network technology to meet the needs of industrial development; The third is to strengthen technological research and development innovation and promote the upgrading of industrial level. He hoped that ODCC could continue to practice the principles of openness, innovation, cooperation and win-win, and hoped that the summit would become a platform for full exchanges and in-depth discussions in the industry, and jointly promote the development of China's data center industry to a new level.


Yang Zemin, Secretary-General of the China Communications Standards Association, introduced that the requirements of new technologies and new formats for data center IT equipment and networks have gradually increased, and it is urgent to accelerate the formulation and introduction of data center related standards to promote the rapid development of the industry. As an authoritative organization in the field of data centers, ODCC has closely followed the market demand, carried out a lot of technological innovation and standardization work in the field of data centers, and released more than 20 technical specifications such as "Scorpio Complete Cabinet Server Technical Specification", "Data Center Infrastructure Monitoring System North-South Interface Specification", "25G Switch Technical Specification", "Enterprise Hard Disk Benchmarking Test Specification", etc. At the same time, a number of standards have been submitted to the China Communications Standards Association, and it is believed that these standards will drive the rapid and healthy development of the entire industrial chain after market testing and selection.


Zhang Binghua, chairman of ODCC and deputy director of Baidu System Department, made a comprehensive summary of the achievements of ODCC in the past year: in terms of servers, Scorpio cabinets are expected to reach 15,000 deployments by the end of 2017, and the industrial value is expected to reach 15 billion yuan. In terms of data centers, ODCC has been committed to promoting the construction standards of modular data centers. At present, a total of 4,500 sets of micro-module data centers have been deployed, and the cumulative deployment of modular data centers has reached 70,000 standard racks, which can accommodate more than 1 million server standards.


At this summit, the ODCC Joint Laboratory was established. The ODCC joint laboratory will test specification formulation and test verification in the basic support systems such as wind, heat, hydropower and other basic support systems of data centers, IT equipment such as computing and storage networks, operation support systems, and data center green energy saving, reliability, and cross-level collaboration capabilities.


"It is hoped that through the ODCC joint laboratory, it can provide testing support for equipment certification, procurement selection, grading and classification of China's data center industry." We, the Academy of Information and Communications Technology, will continue to support the testing and certification of ODCC and contribute to the development of China's data center and IT industry!" Liu Duo, president of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, the supporting unit of the ODCC joint laboratory, said.


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