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Experience requirements:

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Job Description
1. Responsible for on-site installation and commissioning of marine lithium battery power system. 2. The customer's repair work generated during the operation of the power system of the new energy ship of Nimai.
3. Lead or participate in the training of operation procedures, safety matters, maintenance and other items for product delivery on site.
4. Collect market information and provide necessary help for product development and customer development.
Other requirements
1. Good communication and expression skills, strong sense of team and cost;
2. Have strong logical thinking and acceptance ability, and strong practical ability;
3. Be able to identify various technical drawings, understand the basic performance of the battery and high-voltage electrical principle;
4. Be familiar with various functions of BMS products, and have the ability to diagnose and handle various faults;
5. Proficient in using various testing tools and software, such as multimeter, upper computer, CANTest, etc;
6. Be able to read all kinds of communication protocols and correctly analyze the meaning of CAN message;
7. Healthy, no bad habits, able to adapt to long-term after-sales business trips.



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